Tuesday, July 11, 2017


 Playing with my old Katie doll, which the kids say has "creepy eyes:"
 New artwork from Gavin's school yr:
 Pokemon obsession started this spring and continues:
 Gladiolus from our flowerbeds: 

 Amelia's 1st real haircut a couple days after we got home from Colorado. She actually wanted it as short as Gavin's. 

 Lots of movies. Trolls and Moana on Netflix and our dvd of Aladdin have been watched multiple times:
 Sometimes eating spaghetti from the pot will stop a 3 yr old's unrelated fit:

In the pool almost every day, sometimes with friends.
 I assume this is how my kids will remember me when I'm old:

 The last 2 of our cypress trees along our fence line are now leaning after a big storm that took down the neighbor's tree and another neighbor's batting cage:

 Father's Day:

 Swim lessons for Amelia. They were a little below her level, but did prompt her to take off her life jacket and swim like she was at the end of last summer. After the 1st session, during which she cried most of the time, she told me she would do swim lessons at home. She took off her puddle jumper and swam around underwater with no problem. And she's been swimming independently ever since, all around our pool without any struggle. Yesterday she taught herself to float and swim on her back.

 Had a great 4th of July: swimming, eating, and fireworks with friends

 Rain swimming!

 Fidget spinners!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


We just got home from a week in Colorado Springs. It was a great trip and we're glad we got to visit with Jake's parents and show our kids real mountains. There was lots of hiking, good food, some getting a little lost, ice cream every day, and beautiful Colorado weather. Some things to remember from this trip: Amelia raising her arms over her head and yelling "wheee!" as the plane took off on the kids' first plane ride; cool rental minivan where Gavin controlled the radio with his mind; kids finding wild rabbits all over the place; cold rain (unlike our warm summer rain in GA); bribing Amelia with M&Ms to stay at the movie half way through Beauty and Beast; the kids attached to the water bottles Grandma gave them; Jake pulling over on Pike's Peak as soon as we saw snow to play with the kids; taking a wrong turn at the paint mines and walking the dirt road back to our car (great view!); The day after we got to Colorado Amelia asking if we would have to take the airplane again to see Grandma in town that day;  When the docent at the Peterson AF museum told Amelia he is a pilot and flies planes she said "me too"; finding lots of local parks for the kids to play; Gavin deciding he wants to be an olympic skier after going on the tour at the olympic training center; meeting up with friends from GA at Palmer Park; lemon ice at Culver's; lots of bathroom breaks but no accidents; Gavin eating oatmeal with toppings every morning at the hotel free breakfast; the kids watching Mary Poppins for the first time as they fell asleep each night in the hotel; Amelia confused saying we "lost our car" because we had a rental; the kids asking every day to play with Ellie the dog at Grandma and Grandpa's house; blowing bubbles in the wind at Palmer Park; Gavin leaving toy cars at the cemetery; having lunch the last day with Uncle Den and Aunt Judy; 3 yr old attitude - on the car ride to the Denver airport Gavin said "I'm glad Amelia fell asleep so I can look out her window." 

I have more pictures I may add later but these are my favorites:

1st plane ride for the kids:

flight wore them out:
 Grandpa's Nomad:

 Hiking at Garden of the Gods:

Hiked up Helen Hunt Falls:

 Cheyenne Mt Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa:
 Grandma, Gavin, and Grandpa on the zoo sky ride in the car in front of us:

 Amelia's first trip to the movies. While the guys watched Fast and Furious the girls watched Beauty and the Beast:
 Saturday morning we drove up Pikes Peak:

 The kids were so happy to throw snow balls:

 This is how close we got to the peak. It was snowed over, and as we were waiting for the plow this grey cloud rolled in so we headed back down.
 Eating lunch at Fargo's:
 Hiking at the Paint Mines:

 Mexican food at Grandma's:
Learned about racing on Pike's Peak at the Penrose Heritage Museum:
 America the beautiful park:
 Air Force Academy chapel:
 Olympic Training Center:

 Palmer Park:
 Amelia's friend Lilly from GA: