Sunday, March 31, 2019


Rang in my 40th b-day with a party with my friend Carrie. It was just perfect for us - girlfriends came over dressed in comfy clothes, we ate lots of good food, talked and talked, and played a 90's trivia game. Great night!
 My twinkie cake:

 5 and 40:


Thursday, February 28, 2019


The kids had another joint Birthday/Superbowl party this year with lots of friends:

 Finished out the basketball season, his team made it to the semi-finals this year!

 Presents from Jessica:
 100 snacks for the 100th day of school:
 Building "houses" in the flower bed:
Won a bear at school:

 Always in her prayers and thoughts:

 New swingset!

 Day 1 of assembly:


 Day 2 of assembly. Had to call in Pop pop to help when I wasn't strong enough to get the job done:

 They love it and have played on it every day. I knew Amelia would get her use out of it but Gavin spends lots of time on it too:

Thursday, January 31, 2019


Amelia wanted to eat lunch at McDonalds on her 5th Birthday:

Sunday, December 30, 2018


The Saturday before Christmas the kids were excited to open presents from Jake's parents:

Ready for Santa:
 Christmas morning! We told the kids there would be no opening of presents until 7 and it actually worked. Gavin slept in until 7 and Amelia woke up just a few minutes prior. Meemaw came over just at the right time to watch the kids open presents.

 Ipod #2:

 Gavin was really excited about a lot of his presents this year:

 The #1 desired present by Amelia, from Meemaw and Pop Pop:
 Legos from Uncle Tom (Gavin got an itunes gift card):

 She put the 2nd set together all by herself:

 We had a great, mostly peaceful Christmas day. We ate Christmas lunch while watching Amelia's new movie, Brave:

 That afternoon Amelia became an official bike rider without training wheels:
 And that evening Meemaw and Pop Pop came over to eat dinner and play a game of Cootie:

Dec 29 -Trying out Gavin's new pitching machine from Jake's parents. Jake and I tried it too -super fun!

 Time to take down the trees. We have lots of great ornaments thanks to Jake's mom: