Wednesday, October 24, 2012

4 years later

Gavin continues to be quite creative. He draws, creates with legos, and builds houses on Minecraft. Last week he decorated this "witches house" with stickers:
He liked it so much he asked to sleep with it in his bed. We compromised by putting it his room while he slept.
 Last Saturday I worked and Jake volunteered with Habitat for Humanity. My good friend Robyn watched Gavin for us. Robyn, Gavin, and her dog Micah visited petsmart and a pumpkin patch. Afterward, Robyn helped Gavin construct this to his specifications:
 He told me it is a snowman witch.
Today marks 4 years since Gavin joined our family.
 Gavin did not want to pose for a family photo this afternoon. I got him to do so by asking if he wanted a baby to come live with us. He said he did. I explained that we need family pictures so that we can be chosen to adopt another baby. He said "O-tay!" and came right over. We are all definitely ready for another child.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Vacation

Looking for crabs with Meemaw in the sound:

 Playing at the bay:

Swimming in the Gulf:

Fort Pickens, near Pensacola Beach:


Ferris Wheel in Pensacola Beach:

A boy and his dolphin/Daddy in the Gulf:

Bubble boy:

Found a new park in Destin overlooking the Bay: