Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Break

 This was the Sunday before Easter. We had a family movie night, watching the new Pee-Wee Herman movie (better than I expected) while the kids ate waffles, popcorn, and smoothies:

 Amelia wears these accessories at some point almost daily:
 Friday evening the kids dyed Easter eggs:

 The Easter Bunny brought a bowl of goodies for the kids to wake up to on Saturday morning:
Then Saturday afternoon Jake, Gavin, and I went to Carleigh's baptism while Amelia napped at Meemaw's house.
 Happy Easter!

 Sunday evening we had our usual Easter dinner with friends, around 20 total including kids. It was a rainy Easter so the kids had to play inside, but we still enjoyed eating on the porch:

 Monday morning, first official day of spring break. Eating cheerios in front of cartoons, then pulling out lots of toys to play with:

 Monday afternoon Amelia wouldn't nap so we all went to look at new chairs for the patio. We ended up buying 2 rocking chairs. Amelia got in this one and sang "we will, we will, rock you:"

Tuesday we played in the park with Carleigh and some other friends, then the kids stayed the night at my parents' house.
 Wednesday and Thursday the kids stayed at my parents' house while I had outpatient surgery to have my varicose veins removed. They didn't look too bad on the surface but burned and ached when I stood for very long or exercised, getting a lot worse in the past year. I thought the procedure would be no big deal, but it turned out to be incredibly painful. Jake observed the pre-op numbing of my right leg and described it looking like the nurse was crocheting my leg. Felt like it too. Must have been around a hundred or so needle pricks and injections. Then, I expected the actual procedure to be painless after all that numbing. Not so much. The part where they cut some of my veins out wasn't too bad, but the laser surgery aspect was some of the worse pain I've ever been in. I could feel the catheter being inserted into and moved around inside my vein. Apparently they can only numb the part of the vein they see on the ultrasound before hand, not necessarily the whole thing. Once they find it it is numbed (also painful) before the laser is used. Fortunately the right leg (done first) was worse, so the second day wasn't as bad (but still painful). Afterwards my legs are bruised and cut up, but no major pain. Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll be all healed up and glad I had the procedure. This picture was taken Wednesday night, after my right leg was done, with my left leg all marked up ready to go:

Friday we woke up to a rare tornado warning. We got the kids out of bed and hid in our closet for about 30 minutes until the danger passed. They weren't all that scared, and enjoyed the granola bars I grabbed on the way. Fortunately for us the storm went north of us, doing a little damage on base and in the northern part of town. No injuries. It rained and stormed all day Friday.

 Watching our church's General Conference Saturday:
 And Sunday:
 (I got out the camera quickly to catch them being quiet and well behaved)