Monday, April 30, 2012

Our weekend

We had a pretty eventful weekend. On Friday my friend Katrina and her 3 yr old son Joshua (whom Gavin calls Josh Josh) drove down from Tennessee to stay with us and go to the airshow on base. Friday night we had a fun mexican dinner with friends:

 There were 7 boys over for dinner. The favorite game of the evening was "chase Tyler."

Saturday morning we browsed a few yard sales in our neighborhood, then rested and ate lunch in preparation for an afternoon in the heat at the airshow. Here are Gavin and Joshua all greased up with sunscreen and ready to go to the airshow on Saturday afternoon:

 We parked on base and rode a school bus to the flight line. As we arrived the F-22 demo started. It was really amazing:
 I made camp with our chairs while everyone else went and looked at the airplanes on display:
 That is the line for the snow cone stand. The newspaper said it stayed half a football field long all day:

With ear plugs in it was actually kind of peaceful while the others were gone, sitting there by myself watching the planes and the crowd:


 Blue Angels:

 A few minutes into the Blue Angels demo Gavin said "I wanna go home." Then he started packing up his chair:

school bus ride back to the parking lot:
 we survived!

 It was later estimated there were over 100,000 (yes 100 thousand) people at the air show on Saturday:

 Considering all the military spending cuts happening, this could very possibly be the last air show for a very long time, so I'm glad I went. It was actually a lot more entertaining than I anticipated, and the crowd didn't feel that large. The crowd leaving and trying to board the buses was a little crazy, but Jake navigated us to a bus in the back that had no waiting so we lucked out there. Even the heat, which was in the low 90s, wasn't so bad. I guess because there was a breeze and I brought frozen bottles of water with us. None of us got sunburned. Gavin's favorite part? I'm not sure, but he did say to me after church yesterday, "tank you for riding school bus."

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Gavin has been more interested in drawing and coloring the last couple weeks. He is consistantly coloring in the lines - he could before but he didn't care enough to exert the effort most of the time. He also did his first figure drawing - his friends Brayden (on the left) and JaVon:

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Eventful week at school

Gavin is almost done with his school year - only 4 weeks left of classes. While he hasn't quite met the academic goals for the year set by the school, which are about a year ahead of the public school system, he has had an awesome year at school and has met the 3 goals I had personally set for him to achieve by the end of the school year:
1. Be able to interact with peers at an age appropriate level (I didn't expect this would be a problem).
2. Become potty trained (took way longer than anticipated).
3.Improve his speech to an age appropriate level.
Gavin has enjoyed playing with his classmates this year and has had no discipline issues (except one time he got in trouble for crawling under a table). Gavin is wearing underwear exclusively during the day (except on a long car ride - just in case, or during a long play session at Burker King - I don't trust him yet). Gavin's speech has improved dramatically over the school year. It's really quite amazing. He speaks in full sentences now, and most of what he says is understandable. He is currently in a questioning phase where he asks "why?" or "what's that?" all the time.

Tuesday Gavin and I went on a field trip with his school to pick strawberries: 

 strawberry ice cream:
 Today was "Daddy Donut Day" at school. Jake took Gavin to school and stayed to eat a donut breakfast with him.