Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gavin thought our strawberries needed more mulch

More signs of spring

 New strawberry bed (I added mulch after the picture was taken):
Jake pulled the cover off the pool yesterday, and the water doesn't look too bad. A lot better than last year. Jake fixed the pool pump motor today and our pool is now working. Just have to throw some chemicals in it, put the steps in, and wait for the water to heat up.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring in Georgia

The view from our dining room (playroom) window is pretty good this time of year:

 Gavin's sandbox, made from a plastic storage bin and 1 bag of sand. He's been playing with it a couple months and it's about time to add another bag of sand as some has made its way into the grass. It's light enough to be moved into the sun or shade depending on the weather, and has a lid to keep the sand clean:

 One of my main reservations about buying this house was the view from the kitchen. Beyond our back yard we can see the top half of our neighbor's back porch and kitchen windows, which means they can see us too. I don't like it. So yesterday we bought 6 murray cypress trees to place along the back fence. They will grow tall and wide and block the view of our neighbor's house. They're supposed to grow 2-3 feet per year. A man from the nursery delivered them late yesterday afternoon and Gavin was happy to help me transport them to the back fence:

 He pulled 1 tree the whole way by himself, then helped by pushing the wagon while I pulled the other trees. The backyard looks so much better even before the trees are planted (the apple tree will have to be moved):

 Rash on my arm from touching the cypress trees, apparantly I'm allergic to all sorts of GA foliage:
 Our peach tree survived the winter:
 Gavin burying the worms he found next to the flowers he and I planted last week:

The view from our kitchen window is already better: