Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reading fun

Hang glider made all by himself:
 Fire truck made with just a little help from Jake:

 Reward for completing reading lesson 25 out of 100:

I am teaching Gavin to read using the book "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons," which is a phonics based program. He is doing an awesome job. I tried using this book with him last fall and again last spring but he was not quite ready. He is ready now and on a roll. He is reading sentences like "The sock is near a man. A cat is in that sock.," and "An ant is fat. It can sit and eat." He doesn't always enjoy his lessons, but does get excited when he is able to read a new word. He also likes being able to read some of the words in our library books. I often see him trying to sound out words written in various locations, for instance last night he was trying to read "monkey joe's" on the plastic cup from which he was drinking. Supposedly when he finishes all 100 lessons in the book he will be on a 2nd grade reading level. Exciting! And since Gavin enjoys non-fiction books so much he will really enjoy being able to read himself. Right now he is asking me to read him a book about castles. We'll read it together.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Friday night at our house looks like this

Gavin is always on the lookout for cardboard he can use to construct stuff with. He has big ideas. Jake helped him bring this idea to fruition.


Captain Feathersword


Now you're dancing like a pirate...