Tuesday, May 27, 2014

School's Out

Friday was Gavin's last day of kindergarten. He is not happy about it. He asked me today, "how many more days until I go to school?" He really enjoyed school this spring, hopefully first grade will be just as much fun for him. Friday night Gavin and Jake went on a father-son campout with a group from our church. Gavin had a lot of fun. He said his favorite part was playing with his friends. He also got to swim a little and fish at the campground.  

 running around a track at the campground:

 Yesterday we didn't do anything special for Memorial Day, Jake did yard work and we cleaned the pool. He and Gavin did go swimming. Amelia and I haven't been in yet, waiting for the water to get a little warmer. Today is Gavin's 1st real day of summer vacation after the holiday weekend. He's been busy. He's ridden his bike and scooter, played with Amelia, drawn an airplane, played Minecraft, played legos, read a couple books to Amelia, eaten ice cream, and is now watching a documentary about mega beasts on netflix. And gotten his picture taken:

Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Monday!

Last fall I had a couple baby showers (for girls) to shop for and store credit at Kohl's to spend. I found this cute monkey hat and bought one for each baby girl along with a pink dress and curious george doll. Little did I know I would have my own little monkey soon. We were in Kohl's just after Christmas and they had one hat left - the first item of clothing I bought for Amelia. Life is unpredictable and sometimes dreams come true.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

4 months

Amelia was 4 months old yesterday. Today she had her checkup and shots. She weighs 15lbs 1oz (85%) and is 24.5in tall (75%).  This week she seemed to discover that she can control her tongue movements and stick it out:

Monday, May 12, 2014

May Days

We have been quite busy redoing our landscaping in the front of the house. It's a slow process with a baby in the house. Luckily my parents were here last week so we had time to get a lot done. With some much appreciated help we pulled up the original landscape fabric, swapped out the pine straw for black mulch, replaced a few bushes, and added some new plants and flowers. Jake dethatched the yard too. It turned out quite well:

 Gavin rides his bike every day after school. The 16" bike he got for Christmas broke so we moved him up to a 20" which we had waiting in the attic (our old neighbor gave it to us). Just had to add some training wheels and he was good to go:

 He wears Jake's cycling gloves everyday:
 Saturday we met up with friends at Noah's Ark animal sanctuary. The last time we went was May of 2010, and Gavin looked like this:
The peacocks were still his favorite:


 Amelia likes her jumparoo:
 But needs a little extra boost to use it: