Saturday, August 13, 2011

First day of school

Gavin started preschool this week, 3 mornings a week 9-noon. This first morning when he woke up I told him he was going to go to school that day. He said, "Thank you Mommy!" and gave me a big hug. He seems to be enjoying school so far, every time I ask him what he did at school he says "play." So far the 3 days I've dropped him off his class has played with blocks, playdoh, and watercolors. Per the teacher the academic goals for the year are: know the colors and shapes, identify all letters and numbers 1-10, and count to 30.

 Gavin came home from his first day and asked to play with his letter magnets, which he has never before acknowledged. He has also shown an increased interest in books this week.

 At home he's also thrown a fair share of fits and his potty training has regressed. He holds it at school, except for that one day he pooped in his pants, but at home this week he's had a lot of accidents. At least his behavior at school has been good. I'm hoping it's just being tired and the change in schedule and he'll get back to normal soon. This picture kind of sums up overall how our week has been at home:

11 Years Later

Tomorrow is our 11th wedding anniversary. It has been an eventful, challenging year, and we are closer because of it.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Uncle Tom's visit (and Mee Maw and Pop Pop who don't get in pictures too)

My brother Tom was able to get a few days off work and flew inWed-Sat. The visit went too quickly but it was great to see him. Gavin had so much fun with Tom swimming, watching transformer videos via youtube on the iPad, and playing the bee game.