Saturday, October 31, 2015

Rock Ranch

Last Saturday we visited the Rock Ranch, just over an hour from here. The Rock Ranch is an agrotourism family fun farm owned by the founder of Chick-Fil-A. Lots of fun stuff to do on a beautiful farm, only open a few days a year. It was our first time visiting and we were impressed. We will definitively be going back next year. We happened to pick a day that had a reptile show and Curious George, the favorites of each of our kids.

Amelia likes George from a distance:
 Tried to get the kids to sit with George, Gavin complied:
 This was how close Amelia chose to get:

 The giant jumping pillow was our favorite. So much fun, and really good exercise. We could have jumped all day:

 Amelia liked it once we discovered we could just sit down and we'd bounce up when others jumped:

 Amelia lasted just long enough to take this picture. "Scare me!"

 Pedal car fun:

 Gavin hit the target twice on his first attempt at archery:

 Amelia lasted on the pony ride just long enough to take this picture. "Scare me!"

 Chilling out with her pumpkin after we got home and cleaned up:

Monday, October 19, 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Break

Gavin went back to school today after being out all last week plus Monday for fall break. He only gets 2 months for summer vacation but he gets breaks throughout the school year, which I prefer. Jake took the week off work too and we had a nice, peaceful staycation. Gavin and Amelia played at Meemaw and Pop pop's house, played at the park with Carleigh (Amelia kept up with the big kids, didn't need my help), took a family walk, went to the library, ate lots of apples, and Gavin spent a lot of time playing outside with AJ, Ben, and Camden, his friends that live next door. Wednesday evening we took Gavin to a tour at the local Frito Lay plant, where we toured the bakery side of production. We saw how cheetos, baked lays, pretzels, etc are made and got to sample them fresh off the line (best funyuns ever). Super cool. Friday we took a day trip to Albany to visit the zoo and aquarium. Fun day, would have been more fun if it hadn't been so hot. Saturday Jake and I took Gavin to get a free haunted birdhouse kit at Lowes and to a car show at the museum of aviation. Also during the week we got our flower beds cleaned out, bushes trimmed, and errands run. Jake and I enjoyed watching movies and catching up on shows (and eating pizza) in the evening after Amelia went to sleep. I got all my paperwork and tests done for my new job, am now just waiting on references and my background check to come back. I'll be working prn a few hours a week at a new nursing home in town, very convenient to my parents' house, where Amelia will be while I work. 

Chehaw Zoo in Albany:

 Amelia was terrified of the animals in the petting zoo. She kept saying "scare me!" This alpaca scared both the kids. Gavin wouldn't pet it, its teeth scared him:

 Amelia liked the park outside the zoo better than being up close with the animals:

 Flint Riverquarium:

 Amelia's favorite part:

 Gavin's favorite part was this cool tunnel. He crawled through this tunnel about 6 or 7 times (Jake just once):

 Park at Albany Riverwalk. Park was awesome, would have stayed longer if it hadn't been so hot.
 My 2 bushels of apples - made my first batch of applesauce today:

Also, last but not least, today is Jake's 38th birthday. We celebrated yesterday with lunch at Hibachi Express, after which Jake picked out a box of donuts and some reeses pieces at Kroger in lieu of a cake. We're fancy like that. Happy Birthday!