Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Angela and I planned to cook but since we both are recovering from illness we decided to take it easy and go out to eat - our familes plus her sister and niece. We ended up at a yummy Greek restaurant. The owner tried to take a picture for us but ended up shooting video instead (that's why that print is on the picture - had to use a demo program to convert from video to photo.)
 Gavin had chocolate cake for lunch, and he was not interested in having his picture taken while eating:

 After lunch we spent a couple hours at the playground with our friends:

Such a great day - warm, peaceful, fun, and easy.

photo dump - month of November so far

                       Gavin thinks the funniest thing ever is to wear 2 different colored socks.

Not pictured -
  • colds for Gavin and me
  • 2 dinner parties with friends - Gavin cried before the 2nd one because the 2nd group had 5 girls and one baby boy and he is in a phase that he only wants to play with boys. Once the girls got here he was fine though - happy to play with them too.
  • Gavin's 1st primary program at church. His line was "I choose the right by coming to church." He memorized it really quickly - faster than I did.
  • Gavin's 2nd dentist appt - no cavities!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun

Gavin picked out this pumpkin at his fall festival at school:

 Trunk or Treat at church last Friday:

 Playing with Brayden on Monday:
 Decorating his pumpkin on Tuesday:
Trick or Treating on Halloween:
 Luckily Gavin's dinosaur costume fit again this year and he was happy to wear it. He told everyone he was a T-Rex:

 It's nice to live in a neighborhood where we can do this with our candy without fear of it all being stolen:

 After an hour and a half of trick or treating Gavin was tired and thirsty.
 The haul:

 Bedtime snack - peanut butter, honey, and grape nerds: