Friday, February 24, 2012

cookie thief

I found this picture on my camera. It was taken a few days after Gavin's birthday, showing the leftover cookies from his party. It would appear somehow a little mouse had been getting into the cookies:

Dauset Trails

Yesterday Gavin and I visited Dauset Trails with our friends Brayden and his mom Angela. We saw a bunch of animals, got lots of exercise, and enjoyed the company of our friends:

 the snakes held their attention the longest:

 Stopped by the goodwill bookstore on the way home:

Monday, February 20, 2012


After a seafood lunch we headed out to Ft De Soto Park:

 Gavin immediately started digging. He was so busy it took him a long time to notice how this beach differed from meemaw's beach:
 Gavin didn't notice the shells at first, but I was in awe:

 A large band of shells ran down the entire beach:

 Once Gavin noticed the shells he had fun finding these large ones:

 The sand here was compacted and firm. So much so that a couple kids were bike riding on the beach:

 The water was cold, but Gavin didn't mind:

 the sand looked a little dirty in places but upon closer inspection it was tiny broken up shells that change the sand color:

 cookies in bed before we left Sunday morning: