Sunday, February 19, 2012

Busch Gardens!

Friday was our day at Busch Gardens. Because Jake is military our family can go for free once per year to Busch Gardens or SeaWorld. Jake and I have been to both before, but this was Gavin's first amusement park. It really is an amazing deal - tickets normally go for $81!
 I'm pretty sure there was a gorilla in this picture when I took it:
 Train ride. We had to wait about 20 minutes for the train to get back to the station, and Gavin was not happy about it. But the ride made up for it. Awesome views. Probably my favorite ride at Busch Gardens. Here we are waiting for the train to start moving. You can tell it was a rough wait:
Gavin, what animals did you see on the train ride? "uh, groundhog and Elmo and wanedeer (reindeer)." uh, ok...

 Gavin liked to have his hands held during the rides:

 Gavin saw his "friends" that rode the Rhino Rally ride with us leaving:

The tigers were the only animals Gavin was scared of. He thought they were going to jump and get him. He liked them after I explained they couldn't get to us.
 What do you do at Busch Gardens when it's raining?
hide by the orangutans:
 ride some rides:

 crawl in the kiddie crawl obstacle course thing:
 hug all the Sesame Street characters:

 Gavin, who is that in the picture? "Elmo and batman."
 find a splash pad and go crazy, luckily it was a warm day even in the rain:

 we watched from under an umbrella:
 watch the Sesame Street show, ironically about a sunny day:

 Then it stopped raining!

 is it a kangaroo or is it Gavin?:
 doggy show with assorted dogs, cats, birds, pigs, etc:
 reaction to doggy show:

 Jake is in the front row:

 Gavin making his own fun, dancing while waiting for daddy to ride the Cheetah roller coaster:

 Jake after the coaster:

Gavin dislikes at Busch Gardens:
big carousel
kiddie coaster we rode as a family - "scary. too fast"
waiting (luckily there were very few lines)
potties - he fought us every time we made him go

Gavin favorites at Busch Gardens:
the doggy show - he keeps asking to go see it again
all the animals
all the other rides he rode
the rain - he really enjoyed playing in it, it didn't bother him at all