Sunday, January 25, 2015

Monday, January 19, 2015

Amelia's check up

Amelia had her 12 month check up on Friday. She weighs 21 lbs (50%) and is 29.14 inches tall (56%). She is perfectly healthy. A lot of her 12 month sized clothes are starting to get small. We are still finishing off the last container of formula but have started mixing in half milk and she likes it just fine. She's not great with a sippy cup so I don't know if we'll be taking away the bottle right away like we did with Gavin when he turned 1. Amelia is eating better, although she never did eat baby food. She prefers to feed herself. Her favorite foods are american cheese slices, banana slices, and saltine crackers. She also likes canned green beans and carrots, chicken, cookies, baby puffs, and bread. I offer her whatever we eat for dinner, and sometimes she will try it and sometimes not. She will eat a few bites of quesadilla and also enjoyed fried okra. She babbles a lot, and attempts to repeat words we say. She say "dada" often, "mama" sometimes, and "this" and "thank you" a lot. She still likes pulling books off the shelf and looking at them. Her favorite book is "Dear Zoo," which she brings me several times a day to read to her. She likes to cuddle on my lap a lot. She is sleeping through the night consistently and usually takes 2 naps a day, although their length varies. She tries to get into everything, and if she manages to get a hold of something she's not supposed to have she either hides in the corner behind the chair in our living room or walks around shaking her head "no" but still playing with it. She and Gavin still love to play together, and Gavin often chooses to play with Amelia instead of other activities. She is such a sweet and fun addition to our family.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015