Friday, June 21, 2013

A word my kid can pronounce

This is my new vehicle (a 2012 Jeep Patriot with only 17k miles)
Yup - I got a new one too! After we traded in Jake's old car we decided to go ahead and trade mine in too while it was still worth a decent amount and before any major problems arose with it. Got great deals on both Jake's and my new cars.

A word my kid can't pronounce

This is Jake's new ride (a 2005 Sebring with only 46k miles)
I always thought convertibles were only fun to go to the beach in (Jake had a Miata back in the day when we first met in Florida), but I've revised my position. Convertibles are pretty awesome on rural Georgia roads too, especially in the evening when the sun is setting and the foliage is especially fragrant. The sun felt pretty good on us today too as we ran errands.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Swim Lessons

Gavin started swim lessons this week, his 4th year of lessons but 1st time in a group class. He, of course, loves having other kids in his class, but sometimes gets in trouble for following their lead (goofing off when he's not supposed to). So far everything he's done has been review, emphasizing correct technique. He only has 2 weeks of classes (Mon-Thurs for 30 min), so it will be interesting to see if the classes make a difference.

 As an added bonus, Carleigh is taking swim lessons at the same time as Gavin, from a different teacher. The pool is next to a park, so each day so far the kids have gotten to go play after their lessons. It makes for a fun morning for the kids and their moms.


Reality of Adoption

Got this e-mail Monday, it is representative of many adoption situations I've come across lately.

We are currently looking for families interested in Patricia and Eric that are due to have a Caucasian baby girl around the 25th of this month. Mom and dad both used methamphetamine until they moved into our apartments about two weeks ago. Her blood test revealed last week that she may have Hepatitis C but we won't know for sure until she is tested again next week (if she does have Hep C it's less thank a 5% chance the child will contract it). Please email or call if you are interested in received more information. The fees are $41,500 which include her delivery. Thank you!

Supply and demand. You would think for $41k they could send an e-mail without a typo.

Sunday, June 16, 2013