Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Daily art projects of his own creation:

Our kitchen table looks like this at some point most days:
Special breakfast before Touch a Truck one Saturday:

Touch a Truck:

This robot from the GBI was Gavin's favorite, but he was afraid to stand by it to get his picture taken. Gavin said something about the guns on it too me, and I told him no, that's not a gun. Then I asked the guy from the GBI what the barrel looking things are on the robot arm. They are guns:
 The past few days Gavin has spent an hour or so each afternoon drawing with sidewalk chalk. Yesterday the weather was perfect, with a high around 80 and low humidity. He went out to play in the backyard when he got home from school just after noon and wasn't ready to come inside until almost 6. He ate lunch on the porch, dug in the dirt, climbed on his swing set, and drew some with the chalk:

From a worksheet brought home today:

Not pictured:
  • Jake's trip to a Brave's game followed by a Lynard Skynard concert
  • Stomach bug for Jake and I - I felt sick for about a week and a half, am still having side aches with activity
  • I started Couch to 5K in August, worked up to jogging 3 minute intervals, then stopped due to the stomach bug. I will resume when my side aches stop (Dr appt tomorrow).
  • Jake got a new church calling (a responsibility at church, an assigned volunteer position) as the Elder's Quorum 2nd Counselor
  • We closed up the pool last Saturday
  • I made some pumpkin bread last night. While eating it for breakfast Gavin said "Good job Mommy."