Saturday, December 23, 2017


 The kids with Santa at the J-Stars Christmas Party
 Despite the look on her face Amelia was happy to see Santa, when he arrived she ran to see him. She told him she wants a Barbie house. At Jake's shop Christmas party later that day there was another Santa. Amelia kept going where she left off, telling him she also wants a kite.

 Amelia cut her own hair...
 Jake's mom sent a bunch of ornaments so we set up another tree with them:

 Last weekend Amelia helped me with some Christmas candy:

 Today the kids opened up their presents from Jake's parents. They were so excited!

 Gavin is in pokemon nirvana:

November cell phone pics

Amelia enjoying a snack of leftover sausage:

 Cleaned out Gavin's dress-up bin:
 Gavin made a scarecrow at Meemaw's:
Jake got the fireplace working just in time for a cold week: