Saturday, March 12, 2016

Month in review

 Amelia loved this Valentine's Day card from Grandma C that played music

 Lots of little people, and no pants:

 Energy bites and a good book:
 Gavin started Cub Scouts, and is currently a bobcat. He won 2nd place in his den in the pinewood derby with this car he and Jake built from a kit:
 New Cub Scout shirt. He loves scouts. He told me, "Cub Scouts is my favorite day of the year."

She wears these sunglasses a lot:
 New lego table, $4 from my favorite consignment sale:

 Looking older:

 She wore these all through Target:

 New glasses:
 Spring time:

Last night the kids spent the night at Meemaw's by themselves for the first time. It was awesome, I spent 1.5 hours by myself picking out flowers and plants at Lowes last night and then 3.5 hours planting this morning. Definitely enjoying having my parents in town.