Tuesday, July 11, 2017


 Playing with my old Katie doll, which the kids say has "creepy eyes:"
 New artwork from Gavin's school yr:
 Pokemon obsession started this spring and continues:
 Gladiolus from our flowerbeds: 

 Amelia's 1st real haircut a couple days after we got home from Colorado. She actually wanted it as short as Gavin's. 

 Lots of movies. Trolls and Moana on Netflix and our dvd of Aladdin have been watched multiple times:
 Sometimes eating spaghetti from the pot will stop a 3 yr old's unrelated fit:

In the pool almost every day, sometimes with friends.
 I assume this is how my kids will remember me when I'm old:

 The last 2 of our cypress trees along our fence line are now leaning after a big storm that took down the neighbor's tree and another neighbor's batting cage:

 Father's Day:

 Swim lessons for Amelia. They were a little below her level, but did prompt her to take off her life jacket and swim like she was at the end of last summer. After the 1st session, during which she cried most of the time, she told me she would do swim lessons at home. She took off her puddle jumper and swam around underwater with no problem. And she's been swimming independently ever since, all around our pool without any struggle. Yesterday she taught herself to float and swim on her back.

 Had a great 4th of July: swimming, eating, and fireworks with friends

 Rain swimming!

 Fidget spinners!