Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You cant' see me!

Last night Gavin wasn't in the mood for a shower, and decided to hide from me.
He tried two different methods:

Gavin has taken an interest in coloring at home. Up to this point it has not held his attention, and still doesn't at church. Every week he brings home a coloring page home from nursery that is blank with just his name written on it. Some Sundays there is crayon on his face, however. The occupational therapist in me tried to get Gavin to color sitting on the floor, which is better for muscle development, but he insisted on sitting at the table. I discovered Gavin still requires supervision with coloring when I turned around from cooking lunch and found Gavin had bitten off the tip of his blue crayon.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Florida trip

We took a short trip to Florida this week to visit with my parents and meet up with Tom. He had a Christmas present for Gavin waiting there for him:

Finds from the dollar store:

 Here Gavin is getting psyched up on our car ride to Panama City to go to Gulfworld:

Waiting for the Sea Lion show at Gulfworld. Outside in the cold. We sat up in the top row to try to get a break from the wind.

Gavin liked the show.


This reminds me of Finding Nemo:

Right before the dolphin show we were allowed to go up to the tank and watch the dolphins swim around. Gavin loved this, maybe his favorite thing there. He also really liked the bird show.

Playing "fort" with Uncle Tom