Monday, January 11, 2016

Cell phone pics

 These are pictures that were on my cell phone, taken in the last couple months:

Before the new year we had afternoon church, and Amelia always slept from around 2-4. I'm going to miss snuggling with her in the mother's lounge, where she would drink her milk and I would rock her to sleep before taking her, sleeping, to Sunday school with me.
 Gavin at the movie theater before Star Wars started. He was happily eating gummi fish:
 Miss Robyn always gives the kids the best presents. This year for Christmas Gavin got a bunch of nature books and a light up rudolph nose, and Amelia got a baby doll and crib:

2 Saturdays ago at the playground:

 I was impressed she had the strength  and balance to stay on a big kid swing:

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas Morning

This year we enjoyed having Mee maw and Pop pop live close by and come over to join us on Christmas morning. As per usual, the kids were excited and wouldn't stand still long enough to get good pictures, but here are some I took:

Amelia's favorite toy is her toy kitchen, which she continues to play with daily. Gavin has enjoyed all his toys. He really wanted Santa to bring him a toy crossbow, which he got and was happy with. Unfortunately, after deliberately shooting his sister in the face (after several warnings to avoid shooting around her) the crossbow has been permanently taken away. Gavin also cut up his helicopter kite (maybe trying to make an airplane?) and got the slime from his stocking on stuff all over his room. Actually, Gavin has had remarkably good behavior the past few weeks. Just before the helicopter/ slime incident Jake and I had been talking about how the week had been one of Gavin's best behaved ever. And other than a few incidents he has been doing quite well. I think (hope) the lack of exercise due to the crazy rainy weather and illness in our house is what has led to the several nights he has had difficulty sleeping, up late sneaking around the house, eating bananas in his room (and leaving the peels by his bed). Last night he got into a bag of marshmallows and 3 bananas. When I found out this morning I said "You ate a whole bag of marshmallows?" Gavin said, "No, there are two left." Gavin's behavior seems to be affected by sugar and wheat, so we avoid those quite a bit in his diet. I'm pretty sure on days he lots sugar (or it may be a sugar/wheat combo) he has trouble sleeping, but some other days he does too, so who knows. New Year's eve was uneventful around here. Jake was still feeling pretty sick, and I was too, so we just watched "Alexander and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" with the kids, then ate pizza and watched another movie after they went to sleep. We put Amelia in her high chair in the living room and let her eat popcorn and her dinner while we all watched the movie, and she loved it. Other than the illness it was actually a pretty good night, and I was thankful for the four of us to be together as a family.