Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Pictures after church. Gavin had already changed his clothes, and Amelia was still groggy from her nap:

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Yesterday Afternoon


Well, April flew by in a whirl of bubbles, water play, house hunting (for my parents), ball playing, house organizing, and rib eating (cooked 10 pounds!). Amelia turned 15 months old. At her Dr appt she weighed 21 lbs (30%) and was 30.75 inches tall (60%). Amelia stays busy running, climbing, playing, and exploring. She gives lots of hugs and kisses. Her favorite food is cheese, and she really likes cheese balls and macaroni and cheese. She likes fruit but is not big on vegetables. She quite enjoys one of Gavin and my favorite meals - popcorn and a green smoothie. Her latest favorite activities are playing ball and scribbling with crayons. The first thing she says when she wakes up is "ball," and she asks for them throughout the day. She can also purposefully kick a ball. She likes to color in her highchair. I give her one crayon at a time. She scribbles a little and then says "more," which sounds like "mow," and means "give me another color crayon." She is talking quite a bit. Her most frequently used words are "ball", "uh oh," "more," "doggy," "baby," "thank you," and "dada." She also says "wow," "mama," "ga ga (Gavin)," and "cheese" quite often. She repeats lots of words too. She has transitioned to an afternoon nap instead of a morning one in the last couple weeks which is nice because it gives me time to clean and organize around here. Gavin is doing really well too. He's had great behavior at school and on the bus lately, and is doing better at home also. I put him on a gluten free diet a few weeks ago and it seems to be helping. I'm seeing fewer and less intense tantrums, and more independence with ADL's. He is on a 2nd grade reading level and is also doing well with math. He continues to like all things science related best. Lately he's been finding and playing with worms, frogs, and even a lizard in our yard. He is still into all things army related, and wears camouflage whenever possible. He and his friends next door play army almost every day after school. 

Amelia and Pop Pop were attached at the hip during my parents' last visit - she got a little spoiled with him carrying her around all the time.