Sunday, October 26, 2014

Trunk or Treat

Last night was the Halloween party and Trunk or Treat at our church. Pics taken before the party:

 Cutest strawberry ever:

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

9 months

As of yesterday Amelia is 9 months old. She is healthy, strong, weighs 19 lbs (69%) and is 27.5 inches tall (46%).

She is cruising everywhere, and can let go and stand for a few seconds without support. She says "ma ma ma ma ma" and "da da da da da," usually when one of us enters or leaves the room. She has started clapping, and attempts to mimic other hand motions, such as for itsy bitsy spider. Gavin continues to make her laugh often. She still isn't big on solids, the most she has ever eaten at one time was half a container of baby food. She likes bath time, pulling books off the shelf, and opening drawers and cabinets and emptying their contents. She seems to have a really good attention span for playing with items she is interested in. She is sleeping much better most nights now that she has all 8 front teeth in. Some nights she is up a few times, but she can sleep through the night. Last night she slept 11.5 hours straight, which is a record.

Fall Break in Florida

Last week was Gavin's fall break from school. We met up with Tom, Bill, and Joy at my parent's house in Ft Walton Bch Tuesday-Sunday. We got in one evening on the beach before Amelia got sick with a nasty virus Gavin had been ill with the prior week.  

 Uncle Bill and Amelia:

The rest of the week I stayed home at my parent's house with a sick baby. However, one evening my mom watched Amelia so Jake and I could take Gavin to the bay for a couple hours:

Gavin also got to go swimming and to the bay with the group one day and had lots of fun. He and Jake also walked down to the high school and watched a band competition Saturday night. I somehow managed to miss getting a single picture of Tom and the kids, hopefully next time no one will be sick and I'll get more pictures.