Saturday, July 25, 2009

If he'd had a knife...

I came home from work today to unexpectedly find this:

Seems Jake decided to give Gavin a haircut with the clippers today. He did an awesome job, especially considering he's never done it before. Of course, I'm already calculating in my head how much money we're going to save in haircuts. Jake's comment about the ordeal: "I think if he'd had a knife he would have stabbed me." Luckily for us, Jake took a couple of pictures while in the process:

Jake later told me the reason the haircut was moved inside was because Gavin started screeming and Jake was afraid the neighbors were going to call the cops.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

No fun at our house lately

Gavin has been teething. Last Thursday I noticed he had 3 new teeth coming in, which explained why he was so crabby. This brings the total to 14. We've been keeping him medicated, but he still has a short fuse and gets easily frusterated. Last Wednesday Gavin woke up at 5am vomiting with a 102 fever. This was our first experience with a puking kid. Jake was still up and heard Gavin crying. When he got Gavin out of bed, with vomit-soaked hair, he kinda freaked out and started yelling for me. Luckily my mommy instincts kicked in and I remained calm and took control of the situation. We put Gavin in the tub and let him play until he started fussing to get out, about an hour later. All the while vomiting about every 15 minutes or so. Then I held him on the couch for awhile, but as soon as he started trying to get down to play I put him in the kitchen to save the carpet. He played in the kitchen for a couple hours before getting sleepy enough for a nap. He kept vomiting throughout the morning, but really didn't seem too phased by it:
Luckily he was done vomiting by about 9:30, and his fever was gone by the next day.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bowling for babies

Saturday while I was at work Jake and Gavin went to Ryker's 4th birthday party at the bowling alley, with Gavin dressed as usual in mostly hand-me-downs from Ryker and his little brother Phoenix. I didn't expect Gavin would actually get to bowl but they have this metal ramp where Jake could put the ball on top and all Gavin had to do was push it down the ramp. Jake said Gavin had fun running down and back in front of all the lanes, but Jake had to catch him a few times when he tried to run down the lanes. Gavin enjoyed the food that day too - he ate a grilled cheese sandwich, 2 pieces of pizza, and 1 and 1/2 pieces of cake over the course of a couple hours.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New tricks

Yesterday I went into the kitchen to get something and when I returned to the living room found this:

Gavin standing on top of the tv stand:

Turned on the Playstation and ejected Jake's game:
Looking at the game:
Doing a little dance:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Gavin's Pool

Today we filled up Gavin's new pool. I think he had more fun with the hose than with the actual pool. He threw a fit when we made him come inside, and then threw a little fit at dinner because he could see the pool outside the window. He enjoyed playing in the pool once it was full and the water warmed up some, but what he really liked was running around the backyard then cooling off in the pool and running around the yard again.

This week was pretty productive. Monday we got Gavin's new birth certificate. That afternoon we went to apply for a new SSN for Gavin. The SSA lady told us his adoption final decree was wrong, that it had to have his date of birth on it. She said we either needed a corrected decree or some other legal documents with Gavin's old name and DOB, which we do not have. I called our lawyer, and finally got to speak to her on Wednesday. She said it's common to have problems with the SSA, and that depending on who you talk to you always get a different answer. She also said she'd check with our adoption agency and then if necessary have the decree revised. Thursday we went back to the SSA with the same documents as before. A different lady was there, and she processed our info without hesitation. We'll have Gavin's new SSN in 2 weeks. Guess it really just depends on who you talk to. I couldn't help but think about what life will be like dealing with the nationalized health care system. What really sucks is that we'll probably get an unnecessary $300 lawyer bill because of that little escapade. In other news Gavin's big trick for the week is that he learned what to do when I say "Simon says touch your head." He's also into the wheels on the bus song lately. He tries to do some of the hand motions, but isn't coordinated enough to do them correctly. He mostly just moves his arms up and down. It's pretty cute. Wednesday we went out to eat for lunch while our house was being shown. A lady there jokingly said to Gavin "you're so pretty you should have been a girl."