Thursday, July 23, 2009

No fun at our house lately

Gavin has been teething. Last Thursday I noticed he had 3 new teeth coming in, which explained why he was so crabby. This brings the total to 14. We've been keeping him medicated, but he still has a short fuse and gets easily frusterated. Last Wednesday Gavin woke up at 5am vomiting with a 102 fever. This was our first experience with a puking kid. Jake was still up and heard Gavin crying. When he got Gavin out of bed, with vomit-soaked hair, he kinda freaked out and started yelling for me. Luckily my mommy instincts kicked in and I remained calm and took control of the situation. We put Gavin in the tub and let him play until he started fussing to get out, about an hour later. All the while vomiting about every 15 minutes or so. Then I held him on the couch for awhile, but as soon as he started trying to get down to play I put him in the kitchen to save the carpet. He played in the kitchen for a couple hours before getting sleepy enough for a nap. He kept vomiting throughout the morning, but really didn't seem too phased by it:
Luckily he was done vomiting by about 9:30, and his fever was gone by the next day.