Tuesday, April 30, 2019


 The kids enjoying General Conference:

 Egg hunt and festivities on base:

 dance party:

 The boys in Gavin's class passed around various types of  rubik's cubes and Gavin has been enjoying solving at least 1 side of each:

 Our usual Easter dinner festivities with friends. This year I had been stressed out so I made sure to invite an extra calm bunch of people and we had our most peaceful dinner to date. The kids had a blast playing on the new swing set too.

 When we planted this peach tree 8 years ago I didn't imagine I'd have such a cute little girl sitting in it:

 Gavin is still happiest when holding a critter:

 Flashlight Easter egg hunt at school:

 It was warmer than usual this spring so we got the pool open at the end of April: