Wednesday, May 23, 2012


May is flying by. Here are some pictures since last time I posted.
Since I am currently the assistant camp director for the young women at church I got to go camping with them one night:
Jake's parents came for a visit.Gavin ended up calling them mee maw and pop pop too.To differentiate between them and my parents, when I ask Gavin which mee maw and pop pop he is talking about he will say "different mee maw" or "Daddy's friends" to refer to Jake's parents. We had a great visit with them and while they were here we went to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta:

 We also went to see "The Avengers" while Jake's parents were here. Gavin wore headphones so he wouldn't get freaked out by the loud volume. He wore them for about 45 minutes, ate lots of candy, then took off his headphones, watched the movie awhile and fell asleep.
 The first squash from the garden:

 grape tomatoes:

 something is eating all our ripe strawberries. I added pinwheels - that didn't help.
Gavin has become interested in jigsaw puzzles. He can complete them with a little help.
 On Gavin's last day of school there was a party. He went up this big water slide twice but was too afraid to slide down it:
 But he did like the bubble slip and slide:

 That night there was a graduation performance. Gavin learned some songs and a poem to perform.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bread and Dragons

Last week I read several articles online about how some people with wheat intolerances (me) can eat regular homemade sourdough bread without any problem. So last week I made a starter, just equal parts flour and water: 

And yesterday I baked my first loaf:

And it was really good. We all enjoyed eating bread with our lunch. Gavin likes his with butter and honey. Unfortunatey, I did have a reaction to it. But I will try making another loaf and see what happens. I may start making bread for Gavin and Jake even if I can't eat eat it.

 Yesterday Gavin made this cool dragon out of legos all by himself: