Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We once again spent a long Memorial Day weekend at my parents house in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We got there Friday afternoon and left Tuesday morning. My parents watched Gavin for us each day so Jake and I could have time alone, and then each late afternoon we headed to the beach. This way we missed the brunt of the crowds and didn't have to apply sunscreen. Double bonus. The bay worked best for Gavin this trip, so that's where we mostly went. The water is super shallow there so it's great for him to play in. We also lucked out for the 2nd year in a row and the water temperature was in the low 80's, warm enough for even me to get in. During the days Jake and I shopped, ate out, and  saw Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D Imax. We managed to eat at 3 of my favorite restaurants: Helen Back Pizza (ate outside on deck on the water - best view for a pizza place I've seen), La Paz (Mexican - catered our wedding), and Whataburger (best fast food ever). The only downside to taking Gavin on vacation is that he doesn't sleep as well as he does at home. Saturday morning he woke up around 4am. My mom and I got up with him, and we were at the park by 6. But it was a gorgeous morning, and the park is on the sound so we got to watch all the boats go by. Here are some pictures from the trip. They aren't all in chronological order.
Fun with Grandma while Jake and I were out:

Train Ride at Uptown Station:
Fountains at Uptown Station:

Sunday evening trying out our new boat in the bay:

Passed out on the way home with a found shell in hand:
Friday evening on the gulf:


Saturday evening at the bay:

Monday evening at the bay:

Watching the Curious George movie on Jake's IPod:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Potty time

Gavin's favorite place to potty train:

Bad Guys!

 Gavin likes "bad guys." He likes watching them on tv, pointing them out as they walk by at the store (embarrasing), and pretending to be one. I've learned a few things about bad guys from Gavin. First of all, they always have to wear a hat, and preferably sunglasses too:

Sock caps are the best kind of bad guy hats. Baseball caps are permitted, but they have to be worn backwards. Burger King crowns are ok if worn upside down. Bad guys always furrow their eyebrows and make faces like this too:

 One day Gavin was on the back porch while I was messing with the pool. He went inside, I figured to get a toy. A couple minutes later when he didn't return I went to check on him. I found him hiding in a corner with a pan of brownies: