Friday, May 31, 2019

Crayola Experience

Friday we drove over to the Crayola Experience in Orlando. It was super cool, and Amelia and I could have stayed there all day. It was definitely an attack on your senses from the moment you walk up the stairs to enter and start smelling crayons. Gavin was quickly overstimulated and spent some time chilling out on the playground while Jake, Amelia, and I crafted and colored.

 Making her own crayon wrappers. Amelia typed her name on one and "cat" on the other.

 dancing insects:

The kids made new friends in the pool that afternoon/evening and then we got some rain:

Rainbow to end our trip:

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Day in Daytona

Thursday we stayed in Daytona Beach all day. We started out at the new Bass Pro shop across from the speedway where Jake found a new pair of shoes. Then we headed to the Museum of Arts and Sciences that we enjoyed last year. After a lunch at a chinese buffet we visited the chocolate factory again, a surprisingly large veterans museum, and a local history museum where a kindly elderly docent just would not leave us alone.  

 Amelia was quite happy having downtime and just eating some snacks. Gavin was always super eager to get to the pool and beach.

 Gavin spent most of his beach time this trip sifting sand to find sand crabs:

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center was amazing. Every American should visit at some point. The kids liked it too but were not into watching all the available films. We got there at 9 and they were shot by around 3. Jake and I could have stayed till it closed. So much to see! My favorite was the bus tour and seeing the space shuttle up close. Jake got a cool souvenir hat and we're calling that his early Father's day present.

 Food was crazy expensive there, so we had ice cream for lunch  and hit up Cici's on the way back to the hotel. The kids were totally ok with that!