Sunday, March 23, 2014

Monday, March 17, 2014


Gavin has been having fun decorating our backyard with beads Mee Maw brought:

Mee Maw and Amelia on her last visit a couple weeks ago:

2 months

Last Friday Amelia turned 2 months old. Today she had her checkup and is healthy. She weighs 11.45 lbs (62nd %), is 22 inches long (45th%), and her head is 15 inches (32nd%). She got 3 shots but calmed down pretty easily afterward.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


 Yesterday was my 35th Birthday. My parents are in town so Jake and I got to go eat lunch and shop by ourselves which was a nice break. I am amazed, humbled, thrilled, and thankful that my life has turned out just as I had always hoped it would by age 35. I had hoped to be done adopting by age 35 and here I am. I have a great husband with a good job, a healthy son and daughter, wonderful friends, strong Christian faith, a college education, and even a really nice house that my younger self would have anticipated coming somewhere in my 40's.  My teenage or 20 something self would be pleased with how my life has turned out. Mine has not been an easy life, which probably helps me better appreciate how great it is right now. I am now the happiest and most content I have ever been. I am truly blessed and very thankful for all I have.   

Weekend Fun

Computer with Pop Pop:
 Spiky hair for church (Jake cut it later):
 New toy for Amelia: