Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunk or Treat 10/29

Fall happenings

When we got home from Florida my apple order was waiting for me - 2 bushels.

We've been making lots of applesauce:

 This picture cracks me up:
 A couple weeks ago Gavin had a fall festival at school and got to bring home a pumpkin:

Friday, October 14, 2011

Yesterday we got back from a week in Destin. It was wonderful. Jake and I stayed in a condo on the beach for 6 nights while my parents 11 miles away in Fort Walton Beach kept Gavin. Uncle Bill and Aunt Joy were in town too, along with Tom. I had anticipated using my free time to update the blog with stuff I've been too tired to write, and to document a play by play of our trip. Somehow we ended up in a condo without internet access. It was a really nice, well furnished 7th floor condo with a great view but no internet. So I didn't get to update but I did get to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. And I got one and a half books read too. I finished "The Help" and am half way through "The Entitlement Trap" about how to raise your kids so they're not spoiled brats. I highly recommend both books. The rest of the time was spent eating out, a little shopping, dinners with family, and lots of time on the beach with family. Several days the water was clear and waveless, just how I like it best. It was so clear I could see schools of fish swimming from the balcony of our condo. We celebrated Tom's 30th birthday (and Jake's 34th which was the next day, and my mom's 60th which is later this month, and my dad's 60th which is in November) on the 12th with a perfect day on the beach: kayaking, swimming, visiting, Jake snorkeling, Gavin shell finding, relaxing, and Mellow Mushroom pizza on the beach for dinner provided by Aunt Jan. Perfect. Here are a bunch of pictures of the trip:

 The beloved Optimus Prime Grandma bought Gavin:

 I didn't realize how big Gavin had gotten until I saw these pictures of me holding him:

 Next 3 are from the 20th floor:

 raining in the distance:

 Another sign of Gavin's growth - long legs:

 My mom is wearing the pink shirt:

While I read Jake played video games:

 found a shell:

 I've noticed my mom and I look a lot alike from behind:

 Tom on his 30th birthday:
 Jake's favorite beach activity, snorkeling: