Tuesday, May 27, 2014

School's Out

Friday was Gavin's last day of kindergarten. He is not happy about it. He asked me today, "how many more days until I go to school?" He really enjoyed school this spring, hopefully first grade will be just as much fun for him. Friday night Gavin and Jake went on a father-son campout with a group from our church. Gavin had a lot of fun. He said his favorite part was playing with his friends. He also got to swim a little and fish at the campground.  

 running around a track at the campground:

 Yesterday we didn't do anything special for Memorial Day, Jake did yard work and we cleaned the pool. He and Gavin did go swimming. Amelia and I haven't been in yet, waiting for the water to get a little warmer. Today is Gavin's 1st real day of summer vacation after the holiday weekend. He's been busy. He's ridden his bike and scooter, played with Amelia, drawn an airplane, played Minecraft, played legos, read a couple books to Amelia, eaten ice cream, and is now watching a documentary about mega beasts on netflix. And gotten his picture taken: