Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First walk on the beach

Over Memorial Day weekend we went to visit my parents in Ft Walton Bch, Florida.
I bought Gavin sunglasses for the beach but as you can see he didn't really like them:
We drove down to Florida on Friday but unfortunately it was rainy. The sun didn't come out until Saturday evening, so that was our first chance to take Gavin to the beach. He absolutely loved it. He wasn't too keen on the water at first, but he loved the sand. He took off walking/running down the beach, yelling in excitement. Gavin was so excited he tried to tell a lot of the people walking by how he felt. He is quite an outgoing little guy. I was amazed how Gavin just kept walking and walking. He didn't even get upset when he fell down in the sand, just got back up and kept walking. He didn't even mind walking in the deep sand further away from the shore.

Gavin's first steps on the beach Saturday evening:

When Gavin first got to the shore he ran out as the water receeded. He was not happy when a wave came in and the chilly water came up to his waist. That was the only time he cried at the beach, but only for a couple seconds.
This is what excitement looks like in a toddler:
This was taken after Gavin leaned over and stuck his tongue in the sand: This is actually where Jake and I met - at the beach behind the Boardwalk on Okaloosa Island:

Drying off after attempting to get all the sand off Gavin:
He was still excited on the car ride back from the beach: