Friday, June 12, 2009

Gavin the builder

This past week Gavin has been busy building towers with his set of nesting blocks. He builds them over and over again. I think he does a really great job for his age:

Gavin also got the hang of using a fork this week. He only got frusterated and threw the fork on the floor a few times. Notice the intense concentration involved:
This week and last week we also took mommy and me swim classes. Which would have been great if our teacher had ever taught before. And if it hadn't rained 4 days out of 8. Anyway, Gavin did enjoy the days we got to go. He mostly just liked watching all the other kids swimming, and the birds, and the lifeguard, and the trees, and the black line on the bottom of the pool, etc. There really wasn't any instruction, so I just tried to get Gavin to lay on his tummy with me holding him and kick his legs, which he will do on command occasionally now. He does not like lying on his back in the water. He is doing a better job of not drinking the pool water. I can tell when he's ready to get out of the pool when he starts trying to climb on me to get out of the water.