Saturday, February 6, 2010

2nd Birthday Party

Gavin had a great time at his birthday party. We ate pizza, then cake, then opened presents. He liked the dinosaur cake and the cupcakes, but his favorite part was the m&m's on top. He kept fussing for more after he ate his. He has not learned to blow out candles yet, so I helped again this year.
Gavin's good friend Romana:
His other good friend, Carleigh:
Gavin was able to open all his presents himself this year, which is better than he could do at Christmas.
He was most excited by these toy guns, immediately jumping up and running around making shooting noises.
His other favorite toy of the day - a bulldozer I got from the Waterfront Mission in FL for $.75
In all, Gavin got the guns, the bulldozer, a dump truck, a puzzle, coloring books and crayons, books, the movie "Cars," dinosaurs, a potty seat, a dinsoaur watch, dinosaur magnets, and farm animal magnets, which Jake cleverly figured out work on our front door. Gavin enjoyed having friends to play with, but was upset when they wanted to play with some of his new toys. I personally really enjoyed his party, and am impressed with what a big difference a year makes. Gavin's attention span is much better, he plays with his toys more appropriately, and both his gross and fine motor skills are vastly improved. While his speech isn't great, he does do a fabulous job of communicating his wants, and understands what is going on around him. He can also point to most things I name. Now I just have to figure out how to top the dinosaur cake next year...