Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day, 2010

Monday morning we went back to the fountains:
which happened to be located in a shopping center that claims to have the largest American flag in the state of Florida:
Sunday evening my Uncle Bill and Aunt Joy got into town from Missouri. Jake and I enjoyed spending some time with them on Monday, and then we all went to the bay on Monday evening. Well, all of us except my dad who is having severe back problems. We went to the bay so Gavin could play more in the water without the waves knocking him down. He also got to don his life jacket and "swim like the fish." Here he is playing with Aunt Joy's net. Note the water here is really only about 2 ft deep: 
Chasing a big bird:
The bay is the best place to find hermit crabs, and Aunt Joy is really good at it:
Cookies taste better at the beach:
Gavin was kinda unsure of the hermit crabs. Sometimes he liked them, and sometimes they scared him.
Uncle Bill and Gavin with his watergun:
Here Gavin was in motion answering the question "What does a pirate say?" He covers one eye with his hand and says "Arrgh!"
As I was writing this post my mom called and said she had spent the day at the beach yesterday and was heading back today, getting as much time in as she could before the oil reaches there. So sad. We hoped to spend our 10th anniversary in August back there but now will have to wait and see.