Saturday, February 19, 2011

Here are the pictures!

 Last week before it warmed up. Birthday present from Wake and Leslie, complete with sound effects and "bad guys."

Putting up the shed yesterday:

 2T shorts falling off:

 Got the climber put together:
 Flower beds cleaned out (somewhat) and bushes trimmed:

I didn't take a before picture yesterday, but just imagine all this brown and dead looking, and notice how you can't see the window behind the tree:
yesterday's result:
 raked up dead lantana:
 what we chopped off the tree in the flower bed. I don't like stuff blocking my windows. I found out from a neighbor (after we chopped the branches off) that tree is a saucer magnolia, which would have bloomed in the next month sometime. oops. I looked it up and it's supposed to grow to 20 ft tall, so if we didn't kill it we're going to move it to the backyard.
 already getting blooms on one bush:

Moved the swingset today... that we can see it from the porch