Monday, March 14, 2011

I hate my camera

I hate my camera. It can take really good pictures when the lighting is right, but in dim light or when the flash is needed the pictures kinda suck. And are blurry.
Gavin woke up with a little bit of a cold or allergies this morning, so he wasn't feeling too great and took an unusual 2 hour nap this afternoon.
Then we went outside and I finished cleaning out all the wood chips and leaves and such out of this flower bed. It became clear as I was doing so that the previous owners had never cleaned anything out of it, they just added more wood chips over the debris. I even found a rusty tire iron under the bush. I started cleaning the bed on Saturday, and it took about 3 hours total.
We were outside playing until after 7 tonight. Spring in Georgia is awesome. Then Gavin chased "bad guys" for awhile with his bow and arrow. He came up with that himself, I never really looked at a clothes hanger and considered it could be used as a weapon.