Monday, July 22, 2013

And the beat goes on...

A couple weeks ago I packed away all the dress up clothes Gavin has outgrown and gave him the 2 new outfits I bought at a consignment sale a few months ago:

 bad Spiderman:
 Shaving cream bathtub fun. Refuses to write letters in it, prefers to just smear it around:
 Saturday the 13th we took Gavin to his 1st Lowes build and grow workshop. It was really cool, especially considering it's all free. He got a free apron, goggles, and wooden kit to make a toy truck from Toy Story 3. They loan the kids little hammers and they all go to it in an aisle at Lowes, building their toy from the included instructions. A little loud but lots of fun, we will continue attending these when available. Brayden was there too, and afterwards our families went to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then played at the park for an hour or so till it started raining. Just an awesome day.

This past Saturday we did a little cleaning in the attic and garage. We gave away Gavin's old car seats (they will expire in another year) as well as his basketball goal he rarely used and a few other toys. You know how the best way to get it to rain is to wash your car? I'm hoping the same is true in our situation. I will gladly run out and buy another car seat when needed. For the first time, we're starting to contemplate a life with only one child. It's an interesting exercise. Not one I particularly enjoy. But the plus side is it helps me to enjoy the time we have with Gavin at this age. I try to get all the hugs and lap time I can, I know this young age won't last forever. I'm not sure if this influences my decision to homeschool, I'm pretty sure no matter how many kids I had I wouldn't feel right sending my 5 year away to school for 8 hours a day. School starts around here August 1, and if Gavin were in public school and riding the bus he would get on the bus around 8:10 and get off the bus at home at 4:40. If I drove him he would be in school 8:30-3:30. I tell Jake all the time how thankful I am to get to be a stay at home mom, especially now that we have decided to homeschool.