Thursday, August 8, 2013

A good life

Lately our Saturdays have been pretty great. Last weekend was no exception. Gavin wanted to learn about biplanes last week, so we did. Saturday we took him to the Museum of Aviation so he could see some real ones:
 It's fun to go to the museum with Jake because he knows a lot more about aircraft than I do. He was able to answer Gavin's questions about what different parts on the planes and helicopters were for. Here's Jake and Gavin being a human biplane:
 After the museum we went to lunch at a Chinese take-out place. Gavin likes a few (Americanized) Chinese dishes: sesame green beans, chicken on a stick, Chinese donuts, and crab rangoon.
 After lunch we went to the library. While I found a couple books for myself Jake and Gavin hung out in the kids section picking out books about sharks and spiders. I found Gavin an encyclopedia of airplanes which he has been glued to all week, copying the different airplanes in lego form.
Great Day!
Proof that Tyler has actually begun to trust Gavin (somewhat): 

Aside from the regular letter and number stuff we always work on, and reviewing what has already been learned, this week Gavin has chosen to learn about crocodiles, castles, knights, armor, archers, and trebuchet catapults. He made a shield with a coat of arms and a sword out of a cereal box today. He's been making castles and airplanes on minecraft all week. I also taught him about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores, which he pretty much already knew from watching dinosaur train.