Wednesday, April 2, 2014

And then it was April

What we've been up to lately:

  • Gavin is on spring break this week. From public school. We put him in a couple weeks ago. I'm not able to get him out of the house nearly as much with Amelia around and he was getting bored. And getting in trouble constantly. And refusing to do any school work. So public school it is! For now anyway, for as long as it works for him. Gavin loves it. He said last week, "I like school better than minecraft." He especially enjoys gym, music class, and recess. Academically he is right where he should be, but he tends to pretend not to know stuff (words, letters, etc) when he is not in a learning mood, just like he does at home. I have heard this is common from other moms of kindergartners. Two kids from his primary class at church and one of our next door neighbor kids are in his class. Last week he played by himself at recess while the other boys played "dogs." After several days of asking Gavin why he didn't join them, he explained, "because those guys chase people and that is not nice." Made me proud.
  • Amelia is moving all over her crib and trying to roll over. Yesterday she rolled over in the pack and play and took her nap on her tummy.
  • Amelia's coordination is much better, and she is able to grab onto toys. 
  • Pacifiers rarely interest Amelia; she prefers to suck on her fingers.
  • Amelia's hair has at times looked blonde or brown depending on the light. This week Amelia's hair looks red or strawberry blonde in all types of lighting.
  • A couple weeks ago Jake painted the extra bedroom grey, and it is now Gavin's bedroom. His old room will eventually be Amelia's.
  • Amelia is hot natured, and easily gets heat rash when it is warm outside.
  • She is the perfect size for snuggling, and we do often.
  • Court date for adoption finalization: June 9
  • Jake has been sick with a bad cold/cough type illness that is going around his shop, he had to take 2 days off last week and is still not totally over it. 
  • I got some dryer lint in my eye last night and it must have scratched - it still hurts.