Tuesday, February 2, 2016


 Amelia turned 2 on January 14th, and this is what that photo shoot looked like:

At her 2 year checkup she weighed 25.5lbs (32%), was 33.25in tall (85%), and is healthy. She continues to be cuddly and sweet. Every day after Gavin leaves for school she and I cuddle up on the couch while she drinks milk and watches a cartoon. I love it. She still sleeps well at night, usually from 8pm-6:45ish in the morning, and takes one nap in the afternoon. About once a week she skips her nap, a sign of whats ahead I'm sure. She's still in her crib, and hasn't started trying to climb out yet. She is climbing everywhere else though. She pushed her toys, overturned toy bin, or picnic table around the house to stand on so she can play with light switches or the door lock. Yesterday I went out front to talk to Gavin and she locked me out. She likes to color (she calls it "yellow!"), play with baby dolls and stuffed animals, and loves her toy kitchen and eating pretend meals on her picnic table. She likes playing around other kids but doesn't like to share. She often sings "no more monkeys jumping on the bed," "ashes, ashes, all fall down," and "we will, we will rock you." She knows too many words to list, and usually speaks in short phrases. She says please and thank you. She is starting to get interested in the potty, and sometime wakes up from her nap dry. Gavin makes her laugh the most, and they enjoy running around crazy and playing together. She can now say "Gavin" pretty clearly - sounds like "Gabbin." She is still not a big eater most of the time, but is becoming a little more adventurous. Sunday she ate bean dip, and yesterday hummus. Her favorite foods are cheese, bananas, and goldfish crackers. She would rather eat snacks than a meal. She is stubborn and screams when she doesn't get her way. She gives good hugs and says "luv oo."She is a good helper and likes to mimic my actions. She loves going to play at Meemaw and Pop pop's house. If she doesn't want something she often says "yucky."