Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Everyone was sick for Christmas, most of all Jake. Despite that we managed to have fun and have enjoyed Jake being off work this past week. When he goes back to work tomorrow it will be on day shift, which I am thrilled about. He has been on swing or mid shift almost the whole time since I met him 19 yrs ago. It will be a great change to have him home every night to be together as a family. 

 The much sought after kite from Uncle Tom:
 lights for Gavin's bike tires:

 This game ended up being really not fun at all. Amelia keeps asking to play it though.

 Figuring out his ipod from Meemaw and Pop pop:

 The bike from Meemaw and Pop pop came down from the attic in the afternoon after Jake had a nap to recuperate from building the dollhouse. It was cold outside so she rode it around the house for a few days.

 Uncle Tom got her a cd of the songs she sings at the library story time to sing along to:
 I bought my first pair of reading glasses last week and have been enjoying reading pain free:
 We rocked out with Dropmix. Gavin loves it!
 Amelia flew her much anticipated kite on Saturday. It scared her how it pulled at her in the wind.
 This morning before we took down the tree the kids and I did the puzzle they got for Christmas by the fire.