Monday, April 16, 2018

The rest of January...

 January 17 was a snow day! I posted the following picture on facebook with these captions:
4:50am: kids wake us up yelling "wake up, wake up! It's snowing!" It wasn't snowing.
Current situation: Gavin has his coat on ready to play in the snow. Amelia fell back asleep. Still not snowing. 
Immenent threat of snow in the south is a big deal!
 Snowing at 6:15. It's too cold, he came back inside. :

  Amelia is running around singing "it's snowing for my first time ever, yah yah yah."

 Three days later the snow was long gone and it was warm enough to take a family nature walk:

 Jan 21 Amelia started Sunbeams! She loves her class and her teachers.