Monday, March 29, 2010


Gavin had his appointment with the audiologist today. His hearing is fine. She said he has some congestion behind his right eardrum, which apparently is different than fluid. Gavin is getting over a cold so it could be due to that. The audiologist wants to see him again in a month to see if it's cleared up. She said if he has congestion in his ear all the time it could delay his speech by making everything sound muffled. The audiologist was very impressed with Gavin's sign language skills and said his receptive language was above average. She said not to push him with his talking and just give him a break until he's ready.

Addendum: One of my friends e-mailed me to ask about Gavin's sign language. I forget that someone reading this blog may not know all of Gavin's quirks. He doesn't do real sign language. Gavin has his own form of sign language he has made up using gestures. We can usually figure out what he is trying to communicate through these gestures. For instance during the testing with the audiologist there was a piece of paper with various pictures on it, one of them being a baseball. The audiologist asked "where is the baseball?" Gavin pointed to the picture of the ball, then gestured like he was throwing a ball, then put both of his hand out to his sides palm up to ask the lady where is the "real" ball - he was hoping to play with a real ball when she mentioned it. Gavin has become quite adept at this form of communication. Saturday Gavin was playing in the backyard and was able to gesture to Jake that he wanted to play on his slide, which was in his bedroom at the time.