Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rough week

These pictures pretty much sum up last week. Gavin is having a somewhat difficult transition to his big boy bed. He refuses to take naps in it, so some days he didn't nap at all and a couple others he passed out in the living room watching cartoons (he did stay in his bed when I carried him in after falling asleep in the living room, but only for about an hour each day). Last week every day Gavin would pull out everything from his drawers upon waking too. He's staying up later at night, at least until 9. Some nights after I put him in bed he immedietly gets up and walks over to the door. He was flipping on the light and playing until I realized I could turn it off at the fixture to avoid that. So when he gets out of bed I put him back in, he cries, then gets out of bed again. This process continues on average 30-45 minutes. Some nights. Others he goes right to sleep. This was made harder by the fact that both Jake and I were sick last week and I had both a talk and a lesson to prepare for church. I also had to work Saturday as usual. So it was kind of a frusterating, tiring week. But this week is turning out better so far. Yesterday I layed down with Gavin on the couch in front of cartoons about 3 and he quickly fell asleep, and once I put him in his bed he stayed asleep until after 5. Last night he stayed in bed when I put him down at 9. And today he even ate the Thai lettuce wraps I cooked for lunch without incident.