Sunday, July 11, 2010

Charades anyone?

This is how Gavin has been taking his naps lately. He won't fall asleep if put in his bed, no matter how tired and cranky he is, he just gets up and plays (which might be ok if he wasn't playing with the window coverings.) The only way Gavin will take a nap lately is to fall asleep in front of cartoons. Usually Martha Speaks or Word Girl on PBS (which are on 3-4pm.) This is one of those things I wouldn't have foreseen myself encouraging before actually becoming a parent. He falls asleep in the living room, then I put him in his bed. Luckily at night he goes right to bed without a fight as long as I wait until its dark out. 

This is an example of a typical interaction with Gavin lately:
One day last week Gavin handed me his plate after eating most of his food and said "deeez?". I asked "please what?" He tapped his index finger on his plate. I asked "what do you want to eat?" He pointed around the kitchen a little, I named various things, all of which he declined. Then he started making motions with his arms like he was swimming. I thought maybe he just wanted to go play in his pool so I asked if he wanted to go outside to swim. He said no, got a little agitated, then did the motion again and pointed to the pantry. I then figured out what he wanted: