Wednesday, July 28, 2010

weekly update

Gavin is sick this week so no new pictures to share. There is, however, something I wanted to record before I forgot about it. Sometime at the end of last week I went in to get Gavin out of his room in the morning about 8am. Usually he wakes me up before that with the noise he makes bouncing around but that day no noise. So I open the door to his room and don't see Gavin. But I hear him jabbering and see a lump behind his curtains. Gavin had climbed up onto his windowsill and was standing behind the curtains and blinds with his face pressed into the window. That time of morning there are a lot of older people walking on our street and I can only imagine what they were thinking when they saw him.

It has been an extremely hot summer. Right now, at 6:58pm the heat index is still 105 degrees. And it's supposed to be hotter this weekend. We've decided that, if we can afford it, we're going to try to buy our next house in a neighborhood with a community pool. There are 4 such neighborhoods in our town, but only 1 meets all our preferences so we'll see. Our house still hasn't sold. Someone looked at it yesterday and liked it, but that was the first showing in a month. I wouldn't mind if it didn't sell till this fall, so that it wouldn't be so hot when we move, but Jake told me he'd happily move now. We're both ready to stop the uncertainty of trying to sell a house, but it's been nice saving extra money in the meantime.

Next week Gavin starts swimming lessons. He has a one on one lesson for 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 4-6 weeks. By the end of the lessons he is supposed to be able to swim independently and know what to do if he were to fall into a pool fully clothed.

New words:
blue (boo) (uses to indicate any color most of time)
bird (buh) (only said once so far)
bowl (only said once so far)
no (now pronounced correctly, and frequently)
Gavin's favorite phrase lately - "Momma! Help!...Please?"

I've been using this website, recommended by the speech therapist, to help Gavin with his letter sounds:
We're still working on the pronounciation of the beginning letter sounds - b,d,p,w,m,t. He can say them, but has trouble when combining them with other letter sounds. Through using this website, Gavin knows that an "m" makes the noise "mmmm."