Friday, August 6, 2010

Sam's club = snack time

This afternoon after I got off work we went to Sam's Club. They're having an open house type deal this weekend where you can shop there without a membership and not have to pay any upcharge. Gavin quickly caught on to the free sample thing. He had pizza and yogurt and toaster strudel and a little cookie and a piece of rice krispie treat. And he was happy. It seemed like the free samples were healthier there when I was a kid, but maybe I'm just remembering the "health bars" my mom bought after sampling and tried to get us to eat. Anyway, today when we first got there Gavin and I went walking through the housewares section while Jake was in electronics. As we rounded a corner into another aisle he pulled loose of my hand, put both his arms up in the air and said "weeee!" He had seen the big wooden jungle gym display. Ever since he got his climber/slide for the backyard he uses this same gesture to indicate any time he sees a playground or wants to go play on his climber. As for Sam's Club, we didn't get lured into buying a membership. There were a few items there that are a little cheaper than I can find elsewhere, like children's gummy vitamins and frozen fruit, but for the most part everything cost way more than I'm used to paying after coupon. But I do think a lot of their stuff is priced reasonably, especially the meat and bagged lettuce, and if a person were not willing to follow the sales at grocery stores or use coupons a membership would probably be a worthy investment. And if they ever build one that's actually in our town I may reconsider.