Monday, April 11, 2011

Week in review

Gavin spent most of the day Sat the 2nd pushing his new bubble mower around the backyard:
 We have trees! We (mostly Jake) planted a fuji apple tree Thursday:
 and a peach tree:
 and I planted a little raised vegetable garden:
We were happy to discover we have real dirt in our backyard, not just all clay like at our old house. Since the holes were pretty easy to dig Jake went back to the nursery and picked up and planted a pear tree too.
   My mom and Aunt Jan visited Wed evening through Sun morning. Jan advised us through the tree/garden planting on Thursday, then we managed to get in some sight seeing Friday and Saturday. On Friday we visited the Air Force museum, then Lane's:
 and Grandma spoiled Gavin with a bunch of cars and trucks:
 On Saturday we visited the Georgia Music Hall of Fame:
 and Aunt Jan bought Gavin a souvenir: