Monday, May 2, 2016


On April 16th we took the kids to the Peach Cluster Dog Show at the Perry Fairgrounds. It was free to attend, and we spent over an hour walking around watching the different competitions. There were several buildings full of rings and an outside pool for a jumping competition, so there was plenty to see. It was neat seeing groups of a bunch of the same types of dogs. I really liked seeing the giant schnauzers, which I didn't even know existed. The puppy beagles and golden retrievers were adorable. Gavin liked the funny little maltese with long hair and also a great dane we sat by. Amelia liked all of it but got a little bored after a while. Jake got a kick out of some of the dapper fellows in bow ties walking the dogs around. 
 After that we went to check out the new walking trails in Perry. Gavin brought his scooter, and had a wipeout at one point but quickly recovered. Amelia ran, walked, and meandered.

 We only walked some of the trails since we didn't have a stroller, plus it was getting to be lunch time. We ate at Wendy's. As soon as we sat down the kids looked out of the window and noticed our great view of the Burger King playground next door. So we went there for dessert.
 The next day it was still uncharacteristically cool out so we went on a family walk after our after-church naps. We walked around the pond on base and the kids played a little at the playground. We enjoyed seeing the baby geese.

 Random picture of Amelia eating chicken nuggets:
 The next Saturday Jake had to work. The neighborhood across the street was having its annual yard sale so the kids and I walked over to see what we could find. The kids each got a book, and we bought a new game. Then, as we were on our way home, we happened upon the find of the day. At home the kids played in the water to cool off and wait for it's delivery:
 Ta-da! I bought a shuffle board-type bowling game. $40 delivered! I got it for Jake but Gavin really enjoys it and asks to play it often.
 Other April happenings:

 New shoes! Aleita loaned me another box of shoes for Amelia, for which I am truly thankful, and Amelia had lots of fun trying them on too!

 These are just the ones that currently fit!:
 Between Aleita and consignment sales Amelia is pretty set on dresses too:
 Found a use for the retro yellow nightstand I bought for Amelia's room last year:
 Any chance she gets she sneaks into the bathroom to "brush teeth!"

 3-4 of our trees are leaning over and need to be removed. They've been leaning a little for awhile but that last big storm (the tornado one) did them in, with one lying on top of the swing set. One Monday a couple weeks ago Jake decided to pull out this tree with his bare hands (and a shovel):

 We also removed the pool fence so we can install a new liner:
 And I trimmed up the peach tree. It's full of peaches this year so hopefully some will survive to ripen:

 Amelia started climbing out of her crib so we brought home the toddler bed from MeeMaw's house. She is doing well in it. She wakes up 30 minutes to an hour earlier, but sleeps through the night and goes to bed ok. She is also still napping, for now anyway.

 It is my favorite time of year in Georgia - lots of days that are warm but no too warm yet. Perfect weather to sit on the back porch and watch the kids play.